A mozgar talk show with Nepali actress Barsha Khadka

A mozgar talk show with Nepali actress Barsha Khadka


There is one old saying i.e. “Old is Gold”. And this absolutely applies to evergreen actress Barsha Khadka. She started her career from drama and then some advertisments and of course movies. Though she could not play many movies but her direct or indirect involvement in the Nepali movie fraternity is still there. We could clearly hear about the reason for going abroad in this interview.

Despite all her family bariers, she was successful to convince her parent at the end of the day. Those story is really heart touching.Now she is permanently living in Amsterdam. However, her love and respect to Nepali Filmy Industry is always there. Whenever any artists from Nepal come to Amsterdam, she is one of the first persons to get contact. Not only this, she is also a social worker. She has provided clothes, food, blankets in Rautahat. She even financed two female in Rautahat with endometrial cancer. Besides, she helped Rakshya Nepal, Pabitra Aashram and so many uncountable social works.

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