A Mozgar Talk Show with Basanta Raj Lamichhane (Red Uncle)

A Mozgar Talk Show with Basanta Raj Lamichhane (Red Uncle)


Basanta Raj Lamichhane who is also known as Red Uncle has been living here in the Netherlands for long time. Mozgar team was so glad to have him in A Mozgar Talk Show.The entire team was so influenced and became emotional and also motivated at  the same time while taking this interview.

His struggle from the beginning phase till the present day is so heart touching. It has been already 14 years since he left his family. In the middle of the interview, he becomes so sad remembering those incidents that happened in his life. However, he doesn’t regret  for his past. Instead, he takes those failures as a ladder to kiss the  summit of success. There are so many things that all need to learn from his life. According to him, life is full of struggle but one has to enjoy the every moment of his/her life. One has to fight till the end of the day and keep struggling until he/she gets it.

To know more about him and his life, please enjoy the video below.

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