Cultural program of Tamu Loshar in Amsterdam

Cultural program of Tamu Loshar in Amsterdam


Tamu is another name of Gurung community of Nepal and Losar means New Year. Tamu Losar is celebration of Gurung’s New Year. The Tamu Losar marks the beginning of the Tamu Sambat or Gurung Calendar Year. Tamu Losar is celebrated on every 15 Poush of the Nepali calendar (in December/January). This year Losar was on 30th December 2018 on Sunday.

Losar is the time when family members of all generations get together and exchange love and greetings. In big cities, Gurungs come together to celebrate Tamu Losar at a common place and rejoice in various cultural processions, dancing, feasting and greetings. Gurungs all across the world celebrate Tamu Losar by organizing rallies in traditional attires and cultural programs. They also visit Buddhist shrines on that day. The days in Losar and the events are the opportunities to Nepal traveler to witness cultural heritages of the Gurung community.

Similarly, Gurung Samaj Netherlands had also organised Tamu Loshar on 24th of December. There was a big flood of nepalese people living in the Netherlands. It was estimated that more or less 400 people were in the program. Two folk singers Nar Jung Gurung and Ganesh Gurung were invited from Nepal to entertain the audience. Besides, the local artists including one Afro-dance enhanced the beauty of the event.

Mozgar was the media partner for the event. Hopefully, all our audiences have enjoyed watching the photos captured by Mozgar. Now the time has come to see all the cultural program performed on the day. Despite of some technical issues, we have tried our best to keep only the best videos in our Official Channel.

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