10 Years Resettlement of Bhutanese Community in Netherlands || A complete Video

10 Years Resettlement of Bhutanese Community in Netherlands || A complete Video


Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) has successfully organised a grand 10th year anniversary of The Bhutanese Refugees Resettlement in The Netherlands on 18th February 2019 at a Party Centre Hall in Amstelveen, a Dutch City near Amsterdam.

Mr. Ram Karki, President of BCN during his welcome speech spoke about the background of the Bhutanese Refugees and highlighted about the major objectives of organizing this event in such a grand manner. In his welcome speech Mr. Karki outlined the following major objectives for organizing this event:-

1. To remember the past pre resettlement days together.

2. To review the life post resettlement both positive and negative aspects.

3. To express thanks and gratefulness to all those who helped post re-settlement for the smooth settlement of our community.

4. To celebrate together the successful completion of 10 years in The Netherlands.

5. To remember those fellow resettled Bhutanese whom we lost forever during the span of 10 years in The Netherlands.

6. To educate our younger generation about our past history and common background.

7. To act as a platform to send messages to the Dutch Community about the uniqueness of Bhutanese Refugees and their hard working nature.

8. To encourage our community members to work hard and progress in various fields.

9. To attract Dutch Media’s coverage and bring awareness among the locals about the existence of Bhutanese Refugees in The Netherlands.

10. To provide a platform for performing cultural programs for our younger generation.

11. To express our gratefulness and thankfulness to Nepali People and Nepali Government for providing us shelter and everything for more then 2 decades of our living in the camps in eastern Nepal.

12. To show our loyalty and sincerity towards our new country, The Ne-therlands and to use this platform to send gratitude and gratefulness to the Dutch government and people for being so generous to bring us here and making their own citizens. Mr. Karki welcomed everybody in the program and wishes them a very enjoyable and interesting evening ahead.

For more overview and to see more detail about this event. You can click in the link below:

BCN Celebrated 10th Year Anniversary of Bhutanese Resettlement in The Netherlands. A Report from BCN.

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