Sunday, May 19, 2019  “Enjoy Every Moment”

Mozgar simply means Enjoy in English. Therefore, the slogan from Mozgar is also “Enjoy every moment”. By it’s meaning, it is vivid that whatever we do as for instance either we watch video, listen music, play guitar, dance or even buy any products, we have to enjoy those moments.

Regarding the concept of Mozgar, this is the digital platform for every talented individual to show his or her hidden virtues. There might be so many talented and versatile artists who may not have found a proper stage to exhibit his/her talent. Therefore, Mozgar can be an appropriate platform for those artists.

Mozgar itself is also the formation of various personalities from different genres like photography, cameraman, musician, writer, web design, dancer, singer so on and so forth. is completely an entertaining website whereas which is also powered by is completely a news portal. We should not forget that Namaste Holland is the 1st ever-online news portal in the Netherlands.

Since we live together in a community. We believe on imparting some general knowledge, news about concurrent issues, articles, various entertaining videos and photos and many more just to educate, entertain, and aware the community.

Besides, we have also sponsored one student named Sishir Majhi in Simri (Rautahat) for his studies since 2016. We are paying €150 per year.

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